This Cave B Winery / Sand Dune Wedding Elopement shoot is now featured in Magnolia Rouge Magazine. Go grab a copy today ! It was inspired by a modern twist on the bohemian bride filled with inspiration and dreamy golden light ! We absolutely love the landscape in Eastern Wa and were so delightfully surprised to find this beautiful hidden sand dune area near Cave B Winery. The gorgeous gowns are from The Dress Theory, the lace one is Rue De Seine and the more modern white one is Houghton NYC. The incredible jewelry is from Atelier Andrea . Hair and makeup by The Outer Edge florals by Gather Design Company and rentals from Fanciful Rentals . That insane engagement ring is from Joseph Jewelry in Bellevue. And one of my favorites parts is the embossed modern cake made by Honey Crumb Cake Studio !  Shot all on film ( Portra 160 and Fuji 400h and scanned by Photovision Prints) Thanks to Kaitlyn and her fiancé for having amazing chemistry ! You can follow her fashion blog at Coffee & Vogue .

Desert San Dune Wedding Elopement on filmCave B Winery Wedding Photographers Filmcave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-052cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2010cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-054cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2012Cave B Winery Wedding Photographers Filmcave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2011cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2003cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-013cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2002cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-050cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2005cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2001cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-007cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2000cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-012cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-003cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-001cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2004cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-002cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2007cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-014cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2008cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2006cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-008cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2013cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-015cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-2009cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-011cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-004cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-010cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-006cave-b-winery-wedding-photographer-009



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