Los Angeles Rooftop Swimming Pool Engagement photos on film – Cassie & Ben

October 15, 2018

I have been wanting to do a fun summer time swimming pool engagement session for so long ! I guess I just needed to go to Los Angeles to find the couple that would also be interested in doing this 🙂 Cassie and Ben met me at their apartment buildings rooftop and captured a simple but sweet and romantic summer evening. All shot on Fuji 400h and developed by Photovision Prints. Los Angeles California Engagement Photos Poolside on Filmlosangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-080losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-008losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-005losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-081losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-007losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-003losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-009losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-010losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-012losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-004losangeles-california-engagement-photographer-film-001

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