At home engagement session on film – Korryn & Kyle

October 9, 2018

I tried out a new method of shooting for this shoot, called the Loom method. It involves no direction from the photographer but instead relies on pre planned scenes that the couple can act out. But the scenes are things the couple would normally do in their real life. So they chat with a stylist about what it might look like to spend a day together at home and then the stylist helps plan out details, locations in the home with the best light etc. Then I just follow them around and capture them being them. It may feel a little weird at first but its the best way to get totally natural images of the two of you. If this sounds like something your interested in let me know 🙂 Fuji 400h film processed by Photovision PrintsSeattle Engagement Photos at home on filmSeattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4010Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-002Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4005Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-030Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-090Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4014Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-006Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4006Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4004Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-042Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4011Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-001Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4009Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-007Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4013Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-004Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4003Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-031Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4002Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4001Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4012Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-003Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-005Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4008Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-032Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4007Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-008Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-093Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-4000Seattle-at-home-engagement-photos-033

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