I love getting to see my clients families grow ! I photographed this family when they were pregnant with their first (that cute curly haired toddler) and now have the pleasure of capturing them again while they await the newest family member. Capturing Seattle maternity photos with toddlers is always fun ! You have to stay open minded and flexible. Its the same as parenting a toddler really. You can’t have set in stone expectations. Just embrace the beautiful things they do naturally. If they want to bounce on mom and drool and run around, then that’s what you capture 🙂 Because perfectly posed smiling, sitting still children …. that’s not real haha. I used a mixture of Fuji 400h and my Sony to capture this families maternity photos. For another example of seattle maternity photos in the studio check out Jackie’s Studio Maternity Photos. For information on pricing and booking please click here (my newly named family only website).

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