Fresh 48 Newborn Session at Swedish Hospital in Seattle – Baby Susie Q

February 10, 2017

So Brittany and Aubin had originally hired me to photograph their birth, which I was pumped about ! Ever since having my own baby last year I have been so drawn to birth photography and newborns and everything to do with babies and mothers and fathers, and all of it ! Its simply amazing. I put a line through my calendar for the week before and after her due date and anxiously awaited that text or call at an odd hour of the night. Well baby Susie was so comfy in her mammas belly she decided to stay there for more than a week past her due date. I got a text at 8 am saying she had made her grand entrance into the world ! It was all so overwhelming they didn’t get a chance to call me during the birth (totally understandable ) so they had me come in for a fresh 48 session. These are great for anyone who wants their baby’s first day captured but might not be ready to have their entire birth documented. I got to Swedish and finally found them through the maze of hallways and buildings and many many parking garages. It was so calm in their room and you could just see them both glowing with pride for their new baby girl. Here she is !

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