Seattle Maternity Photos on film – Amy

August 20, 2017

Its always an honor when someone as talented and creative as Amy asks you to take some photos of them. I mean, she works with some of the best photographers around and so she could have had anyone do these for her. I am so grateful I got to capture this special moment in her life. There is just nothing like the excitement of expecting your first child ! I cannot wait to meet her little baby ! Her and her husband are going to be amazing parents. Indoor photos are Portra 800 and outdoor ones are Fuji 400h developed and scanned by Photovision.

Seattle Maternity photos on filmseattle-maternirty-photographer-film-003seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-011seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-012seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-002seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-004seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-006seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-009seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-014seattle-maternirty-photographer-film-013

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