Cave B Winery Anniversary photos – Yessie & Steve

August 18, 2017

I was so honored when a good friend and talented Hair and Makeup artist, Yessie Libby, asked me to capture her and her husband Steve’s ten year anniversary photos in Quincy, WA. They stayed at Cave B Winery in a cool Yurt and ventured around the desert with me to some beautiful locations. I just love the colors and the way the golden sun lights eastern WA up. It is one of my favorite places to shoot for sure ! It is so worth the three hour drive ! Thanks to Gather Design Company for making this beautiful bouquet and Asos for having awesome dresses. And Photovision for developing and scanning this film so beautifully ! All shots are Fuji 400h.cave b winery engagement and wedding photographercave-b-winery-wedding002cave-b-winery-engagement0009cave-b-winery-wedding001cave-b-winery-engagement0006cave-b-winery-engagement0004cave-b-winery-wedding006cave-b-winery-engagement0001cave-b-winery-wedding007cave-b-winery-engagement0003cave-b-winery-engagement0008cave-b-winery-wedding003cave-b-winery-engagement0002cave-b-winery-wedding004cave-b-winery-engagement0015cave-b-winery-engagement0013cave-b-winery-engagement0023cave-b-winery-engagement0011cave-b-winery-wedding005cave-b-winery-engagement0007cave-b-winery-engagement0025cave-b-winery-engagement0020cave-b-winery-engagement0021cave-b-winery-engagement0012cave-b-winery-engagement0014cave-b-winery-engagement0024cave-b-winery-engagement0017cave-b-winery-engagement0016cave-b-winery-engagement0010cave-b-winery-engagement0019cave-b-winery-engagement0022cave-b-winery-engagement0026


Its really unfair how attractive this couple is! And your photos are incredible!

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