Black & White Film Bridal Portraits – Tri-x400

July 1, 2017

I love this film ! Its so low grain and soft as far as BW films are concerned. I knew it would work well with Jane’s super light blonde hair and the gray walls in my house. Yes this was shot in my living room. I always try to tell people how location is such a small part of a good photo, lighting is the top priority, then subject, then wardrobe, then location. Location is the least important of all, to me at least. And good light is subjective. Direct light (like the ones below) are usually a big no no when it comes to photography. But all light can be good if used correctly and I loved using it here to add drama and visual interest. The beams of light shine down on her drawing your eye to her. I only shot one roll and it took less than ten minutes but I LOVE the results. And I know what your thinking, “that boho bridal braid is AMAZING !” yes I know 🙂 and it was created by Yessie Libby Hair & Makeup. The dress is from my favorite bridal salon Laineemeg in Snohomish, WA.

Seattle Fine Art Film Wedding PhotographyBW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0059BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0064BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0055BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0063BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0057BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0065BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0061BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0054BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0060BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0058BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0056BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0050BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0051BW-Film-Trix400-Bridal-Portraits0052


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