Baby Luc’s 9 Month Portrait Session

April 20, 2019

I LOVE this age. It is the most fun to capture 🙂 Love doing it in studio so we can do some naked baby options as well, its too cute ! Little Luc looks like a royal baby to me 🙂 He loves his brush, and his bunny and “swimming” on paper backdrops. Oh yeah, and kicking the paper backdrop to make it make noises 🙂Seattle Film Baby PhotographerSeattle Film Baby Photographerseattle-baby-photographer-film-009seattle-baby-photographer-film-007seattle-baby-photographer-film-052seattle-baby-photographer-film-005seattle-baby-photographer-film-004seattle-baby-photographer-film-055seattle-baby-photographer-film-003seattle-baby-photographer-film-002seattle-baby-photographer-film-2000seattle-baby-photographer-film-056seattle-baby-photographer-film-2002seattle-baby-photographer-film-010seattle-baby-photographer-film-057seattle-baby-photographer-film-006seattle-baby-photographer-film-001seattle-baby-photographer-film-051seattle-baby-photographer-film-050seattle-baby-photographer-film-053seattle-baby-photographer-film-054

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